Brence Culp has been handling complex operational matters for the County for ten years, including five years in the Chief Executive Office.  Through her broad experience, particularly with matters related to public safety, she had developed an integrated working knowledge of the County’s budget and the factors that influence it, including the interplay of dynamic revenue streams, federal and state policy shifts, legal challenges, local initiatives, labor relations, risk management, capital projects, and proactive advocacy. Brence brings to this assignment her experience as a lawyer, her knowledge of the criminal justice system, and her perspective from having served many roles in multiple local governmental jurisdictions, including her experience with federal and civilian oversight of law enforcement agencies.

Brence received a Bachelor of Arts in 1989 from the University of Chicago and her Juris Doctor in 1996 from New York University.  Brence welcomes this opportunity for deepening the collaborative working relationship between the CEO and the Sheriff to help address the many challenges facing the Department.