The primary goal of this initiative is to identify resources needed for the Sheriff’s Department to begin implementing reforms, while providing the foundation for an open and public conversation about such fundamental questions as these: What got us to this point? Where do we go from here? How much do each of these initiatives cost, and what is the County’s ability to fund them? This approach is intended to help the Sheriff set his priorities and will be phased to correspond with the County’s annual budget cycle, which begins with the Recommended Budget submitted to the Board of Supervisors in April, is adjusted in June and finalized in September.

Initial milestones for this project have been developed to address the Sheriff’s existing budgetary requests to implement jail reforms. Resource analyses may be expanded, as needed, to consider support for other initiatives initiated by the Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff. These could include support of civilian oversight, construction of a new custody treatment facility, implementation of additional diversion from and/or alternatives to incarceration and other public safety needs. Each request for additional resources will be considered in the context of reducing litigation risk for the County.

March: Consolidated Action Item List of Jail Reform Mandates

In partnership with Jails Special Counsel, the Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Mental Health, continued negotiation with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding mental health services in jails, and aggregation of all other action items required or anticipated from legal settlements and agreements, including the Rosas settlement (use of force in jails), the Johnson settlement (ADA compliance in jails) and final implementation of recommendations from the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence (CCJV) (collectively “jail reform mandates.”) The goal of this milestone is to address jail reform mandates as a single package and to identify overlapping areas to minimize costs and streamline implementation.

April: CEO’s Recommended Budget for FY15-16

Identification of resources to fund the Sheriff’s FY 15-16 requests for implementation of jail reform mandates in FY15-16, to be presented to the Board of Supervisors as part of the County’s Recommended FY15-16 Budget.

May: Comprehensive Implementation Plan for Jail Reform Mandates

Working closely with the Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Mental Health, create a comprehensive implementation plan for jail reform mandates, identifying staffing, phasing and corresponding resource requirements.

May: Tracking & Reporting Methodology for Jail Reform Mandates

In partnership with the Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Mental Health, establishment of a fiscal tracking and reporting methodology for jail reform mandates, including tracking of expenditures and hiring of personnel.

June: CEO’s Final Changes to Budget for FY15-16

Presentation to the Board of Supervisors of funding recommendations to support full implementation of all jail reform mandates as part of Final Changes to the County’s FY15-16 Budget.  This recommendation will be based on:

  • Update, review and refinement of the consolidated action-item list and comprehensive implementation plan for all jail reform mandates, based on the final negotiated and approved provisions of legal settlements.
  • Any revenue support provided in the State’s
  • Estimated cost of implementing the Citizens’ Oversight Commission.
  • Cost estimates for any other jail reforms, diversion programs or alternatives to custody authorized by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Other mission-critical funding needs of the Sheriff’s Department that can be funded within existing County resources.

July: Tracking & Reporting

Initiation of tracking action plan tasks and associated expense to insure that jail reform mandates are being implemented and resources are being deployed for their intended purposes.

August: Updating & Modification

Revising and updating the implementation plan for jail reform mandates based on actual experience in order to continue implementation of successful efforts and to quickly modify approaches when unanticipated operational obstacles arise.

September: Supplemental Budget Adjustment for FY15-16

Presentation of recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as part of Supplemental Adjustments to the County’s FY15-16 Budget based on:

  • Any revised resource or operational adjustments arising from implementation of jail reform mandates.
  • Any proposed measures to address the Sheriff’s Department structural budget issues and other funding requests made by the Sheriff to implement cultural and systemic reform, and to advance public safety.

September: Comprehensive Risk Management & Mitigation Plan

In partnership with County Risk Management, Jails Special Counsel and the Sheriff’s Department, development of a comprehensive road map for continued reduction of risk for the County arising from the operations of the Sheriff’s Department, including risk arising from officer safety and injury, as well as risk arising from settlements and lawsuits.