The mission of the Los Angeles (LA) County Health Agency (“Agency”) is to improve the health and wellness of LA County residents through provision of integrated, comprehensive, culturally appropriate services, programs, and policies that promote healthy people living in healthy communities.  This will be achieved through the aligned efforts of the Departments of Health Services, Mental Health, and Public Health (“Departments”) and in partnership with our clients and their families and communities, LA County residents, organized labor, faith-based organizations, community providers and agencies, health plans, academia, and other stakeholders.

Board Motions

August 11, 2015 Motion
Amendment by Supervisor Hilda L. Solis (08/11/15)
     Statement of Proceedings
March 3, 2015 Motion
     Statement of Proceedings
January 13, 2015 Motion
    Statement of Proceedings

Key Documents

Health Agency Ordinance
Health Agency Strategic Priorities
Health Agency Operational Framework
Final Report (without Appendices)
     Appendix I – Board Motion on Health Integration
     Appendix II – Brief Overview of Process for Developing this Response to the Board
     Appendix III- Overview of Department Responsibilities
     Appendix IV- History of DHS, DMH, and DPH Organizational Structure
     Appendix V- Structure of Health-Related Services in other Counties
     Appendix VI- Principles as Approved by External Stakeholder Group
     Appendix VII- Public Comments
     Appendix VIII- Summary of Findings from Facilitated Public Convenings
Executive Summary
Executive Summary – Español
Executive Summary – Korean