The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) is the second largest public health care system in the nation.  Through its integrated network of 19 community-based clinics and four hospitals, DHS treats over 800,000 unique patients a year, employs over 20,000 staff, and has an annual operating budget of $4 billion.  The Department’s partnerships with private, non-profit clinics expand access to quality primary care services oat over 100 additional sites across the County of 10 million residents.  DHS hospitals are training sites for physicians completing their graduate medical education  and DHS clinics are models of patient-centered health care.  Through its Housing for Health division, DHS is reducing chronic homelessness through sustainable, supportive housing projects along with other innovative programs to improve the health of vulnerable populations.

DHS Mission

To ensure access to high-quality, patient-centered, cost-effective health care to Los Angeles County residents through direct services at DHS facilities and through collaboration with community and university partners.

Department Feedback

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) is the largest county mental health department in the country. DMH directly operates 75 program sites and more than 100 co-located sites.  DMH contracts with approximately 1,000 providers, including non-governmental agencies and individual practitioners who provide a spectrum of mental health services to people of all ages to support hope, wellness and recovery.  The diverse workforce of DMH, including nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, medical doctors, community workers, trained family members and trained mental health consumers, serve over 250,000 residents of all ages each year.

DMH works with its stakeholders and community partners to provide clinically competent, culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate mental health services to our clients in the least restrictive manner possible. We tailor our services and support to help clients and families achieve their personal goals, increase their ability to achieve independence and develop skills to support their leading the most constructive and satisfying life possible.

DMH Mission

Enriching lives through partnership designed to strengthen the community’s capacity to support recovery and resiliency is our Mission.

LACDMH Internal Stakeholder’s Feedback on Consolidation

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health protects health, prevents disease, and promotes the health and well-being for all persons in Los Angeles County. Our focus is on the population as a whole, and we conduct our activities through a network of public health professionals throughout the community. Public health nurses make home visits to families with communicable diseases; epidemiologists investigate the sources of disease outbreaks; environmental health specialists ensure safe food, water, and housing; and all work with community coalitions to advocate for public policies to protect and improve health.

DPH Mission

To protect health, prevent disease and injury, and promote health and well-being for everyone in Los Angeles County.

Memo to CEO Office of Integration